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Preschool & Children's Work Track


  1. 18-24 months Toddler Time – Simpson
  2. Preschool My First Tap Shoes– Stallcup
  3. Preschool Hip Hop Rhythm Lessons & Music Theory – Gomez
  4. Preschool Storytime Dance Along – Simpson
  5. Preschool Tumbling Building Blocks – Simpson
  6. Princess Dance - Farinella

Pre-K 5/6

  1. PreK- 5/6 Butterfly Garden Ballet – Celeste
  2. PreK 5/6 Around the World Explorers – Celeste
  3. PreK 5/6 Show Time – Celeste

Children’s Ages 7-9

  1. Children’s Hip Hop Ages 7-9 Fundamentals – Hubela
  2. Children’s Jazz Ages 7-9 - Farinella
  3. Children’s Jazz Ages 7-9 Progressions & Combo – Duncan
  4. Children’s Tap Ages 7-9 Drills & Progressions – Goldberg
  5. Children’s Ballet Beautiful Feet from the Start – Kathy Kozul
  6. Children’s Classroom Fun & Games Ages 7+ - Stallcup
  7. Children’s Ballet Ages 6-12 The Young Years– Mahler

Children’s Ages 10-12

  1. Children’s Hip Hop Ages 10-12 – Scott
  2. Children’s Hip Hop Ages 10-12 Combos – Gomez
  3. Children’s Tap Ages 10-12 Progressions & Drills– Luks
  4. Children’s Fundamentals of Teaching Acro. – Burgess
  5. Children’s Movement Activities & Games – Gomez
  6. Julie’s Great Classroom Tips - Stallcup

Behavior – All Ages

  1. The ABCs of Behavior - Berman
  2. Understanding the Unique Challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder – Berman
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Common Disabilities - Berman
  4. Teacher Tool Kit: Mastering Classroom Challenges - Berman

The Preschool & Children's Work Track will cover curriculum for the 18-month old through age 12. The 7-12 curriculum will focus on the recreational student.  You'll discover quality classroom lessons and strategies to take your preschool programs to a new level; guaranteed!

This track will incorporate classroom techniques for teaching children with learning differences and disabilities. We are proud to assist attendees with the philosophy that ANY BODY CAN DANCE.

"Thank you! The conference was inspiring, amazing, fantastic - it is something you do from the deepest parts of your heart and soul and your passiona is more than contagious. I have always loved what I do, and your amazing faculty reaffirms that." 

~ Marcia Sarosik, Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio; So. Lake Tahoe, CA


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