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Thursday, July 18 | 11:00am - 6:15pm

I.D.E.A. members, as an additional benefit of membership, receive a FREE Business Development Day for the studio owners and office managers. This year's seminars will feature nationally-known speakers, financial leaders and experts in the industry of studio ownership.

The I.D.E.A. Business Development Day is open to I.D.E.A. members only. An I.D.E.A. member may bring their office manager. Not an I.D.E.A. member? Learn more about the many benefits of membership HERE.

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Talonya Geary

Talonya Geary, author of #goDo: How to Live on Purpose, is a social entrepreneur, consultant, and highly sought-after speaker with over 20 years of experience in business and professional development. Her passion for growth, accountability, and contribution inspired her to create Flawles Media and Flawles Magazine-serving as co-founder and Chief Eternal Optimist-as well as forming Suite T Consulting and working as its Principal Consultant and keynote speaker.
Over the last decade, Talonya has brought her unique gifts to the personal and professional development arena, working with some of the world's top thought leaders and influencers, including Tony Robbins.
Today she serves as co-founder and CEO of Spiire, a leading-edge talent development firm dedicated to unleashing human potential through authenticity, diversity, and innovation. 

Learn More | Get her book

Sean Dever, CPA

Sean Dever is a CPA and financial planner based in Massachusetts. He provides tax, accounting, payroll, consulting, valuation and financial services to dance, gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading and child sport centers throughout the United States.
Besides his experience as an accountant, Sean is an accomplished small business owner having operated gymnastics schools, a dance studio, an inflatable rental company and most recently a swimming school.
Sean is a consultant for small business owners and has been a speaker for USA Gymnastics, Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp, Dance Teacher Summit, Jackrabbit's BOOST User Conference, USASF, The Calelite Summit and the U.S. Swim School Association since 1996.

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July 18
Harrah's Resort; Atlantic City, NJ

Keynote Speaker: Talonya Geary
Special Guest: Sean Dever, CPA
with Rhee Gold and the I.D.E.A. Board of Advisors
11:00 amWelcome
Rhee Gold
11:30 amValue Your Value
Sean Dever, CPA

Have you ever explored what your profit margins need to be? This is the seminar to do just that! Learn professional pricing formulas to put you in the “profit zone,” while maintaining your standards.
Together we’ll explore what discounts you can really afford to offer and discover new profit centers with your current clientele.
12:30pmKeynote Address: Live & Lead on Purpose
Talonya Geary, Author: #goDo: How to Live on Purpose
1:15pmQ & A with Talonya Geary
1:30pm15 min. Break
1:45pmPayroll: The Magic of Doing it Right
Sean Dever, CPA

Explore the realities of where 35-65% of gross revenues are spent. This seminar will help you to analyze, organize and strategize to have the employees you need at the most efficient costs. It’s the chance to explore payroll benchmarks (both by geographical area and enrollment numbers) and develop tactics to best meet these targets. Developing a better understanding of Workman’s Compensation and potential profit sharing or incentive options for your employees. Exposure to industry-wide business stats will also be discovered.

Breakout Sessions

2:45pmNew Chapters
• The ability to remain relevant in an always-evolving dance world
• Maintain creativity in your performances and developing fresh concepts for growth
• Stepping back: the art of delegation, trusting your business will stay successful while enjoying your non-dance life
• Nurturing successful, personal relationships amidst the chaos of the dance life

Maureen Gelchion & Hedy Perna
Leadership Factor
• Arriving at the “prime-time” of your business career: the stresses and joys
• Develop a plan to maintain and grow
• The “No Fear” attitude: Being open to new business opportunities
• Living in a state of business confidence
• “When to Say When” on the size of your business

Teri Mangiaratti & Michelle Soutier
Attitude Over Everything
• Attitude is a choice; keep a positive outlook during evolution, change, and life’s obstacles
• Know where you need to be and the process to achieve it
• Manage a “normal” life outside of the business

Lisa Mailloux & Sandi Duncan
Lead with Caution
• Surviving the emotions of business betrayal: faculty departures and competitive schools
• Honest retrospective: What you may have done differently?
• Coming back stronger than ever
• Cautionary lessons from experience

Debbie Lamontagne & Patty Neal

3:30 - 4:15 pm

4:15pmBreakout Session (2)Breakout Session (2)Breakout Session (2)Breakout Session (2)
5:00pmBreakout Session (3)Breakout Session (3)Breakout Session (3)Breakout Session (3)
5:45pmGoing Forward
Rhee Gold


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